Welcome to our website,
where you will find a wide range of high quality communication converters for industrial and home automation use. Our broad product line of 28 M-Bus converters covers almost everyones needs. Our offerings include converters for large as well as simple M-Bus networks. Our Ethernet converters offer a SMART mode, in which they communicate with the meters by them selves and offer the xmlmeter values in forms of HTML table, XML, (REST) or CSV exports. This mode also offers several other useful functions which considerably improve work with M-Bus meters. More information can be found on our product's web pages and manuals.

We offer full technical support for all of our products and are able to advise with their deployment and proper use. We also offer technical consulting to our custommers with problems regarding M-Bus networks and M-Bus meter communication.

We are also able to advise and help with design of communication networks and we offer development and manufacturing of special types of communication converters as well. Feel free to contact us with your requests regarding any of the above mentioned topics.

New on our web pages

1st June 2018

Transformation to a Ltd. company

After seven years of manufacturing and sales of our products on the European and world markets
we decided to upgrade our form of business.

Begining form March 2018 we started the sale of
our products through a new company JC Electronika s.r.o.

Because of this we have new company identification numbers REG No., TAX No., VAT No. and also bank and PayPal account numbers.

1. June 2018

New Converter EthMBus-3SL Lite

Even cheaper version of a Ethernet to M-Bus converter for building and home automation.
Basic functionality only
even lower price

6th November 2017

Distribution of VILTRUS products

We officialy started to distribute products of the VILTRUS electornics company.
VILTRUS data loggers/gateways and converters.
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