We are a young company operating for six years on the market with M-Bus converters.
But we build on more than 17 years of experience with the development, deployment and service of electronics in the industry.

We develop, manufacture and sell M-Bus converters for communication with various types of M-Bus meters.
We have a lot of experience gathered from realization and deployment of M-Bus devices and are able to help our customers with M-Bus network design, instalation, communication issues troubleshooting etc.

In the development of our converters we use a rich experience of their deployment, maintenance and service of communication networks. The most common reason for failure or the total destruction of communication converters is overvoltage on communication lines. Therefore we try to develop our converters with increased overvoltage protection and durability. Our aim is to develop and create converters with functional properties which help ease the construction, management and service of communication networks.

We have experience with the development of:
  • control systems - 8/32 bit CPU, IO expansion modules, display terminals
  • display units - measurement of analog values with process treatment
  • communication converters, repeaters - RS232, RS485, RS422, Ethernet, M-Bus, TTL...
  • electrical protection for M-Bus, RS232, RS485, RS422 communication lines
  • development of control algorithms, communication protocols,...
  • measurement instruments – 100MHz logical analyser, 100kHz spectral analyser, Universal counter

Our goal is to use our experience and knowledge in the development and manufacture of high-quality innovative products, with which we are constantly gaining the trust and recognition of our customers.